Ani is an Angel Intuitive, Reiki Master Educator and Sivananda Yoga Instructor. Her early years were spent behind a ballet bar at her Mother’s dance studio. After completing her education she decided to pursue a career in dance and moved to Los Angeles, California. Dance transitioned into a career in fitness and health and eventually Ani ended up in San Diego, California running Spa’s and Fitness Centers. Her love for physical activity was soon balanced with a pursuit for spiritual truth and knowledge. It wasn’t until she spent a month studying at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in the Bahamas that her path began to materialize. Long meditations and a few A-ha moments created the life that she is now living, a life she calls her miracle.
Ani is fortunate to do what she loves and believes it is her calling. As a Reiki Master and Educator she helps others learn the importance of keeping a high vibration and clearing all energy that does not serve them. Whether it is animals, people, plants or places, Ani know that everything is energy and Reiki can benefit all things. Through her Reiki and Yoga classes Ani is able to provide the full mind and body experience. Her life has been focused on bringing health to others through fitness and dance and now she continues that focus through Reiki and yoga.
As an Angel Intuitive Ani is able to bring insight and information to her clients from the Angels. She has helped many receive angelic guidance and loving messages from their angels. She has seen her clients build better lives, and follow their divine path because of these sessions. Ani channels a group of angels that call themselves the “White Angels”. She is currently writing a book about Angels and her experiences with the White Angels. Angels vibrate at a frequency of love and light and Ani feels that working with them is always a miraculous experience.