Intuitive/Empathic Kid Coaching

Intuitive/Empathic Kid Coaching

Do you have a highly intuitive/empathic child?

Read the following 10 traits and see if any of these apply to your child.

  • My child has a way of finishing my sentences and reading my thoughts
  • My child has an ability to “see” things before they happen and is surprised that other people respond to their predictions with amazement
  • My child frequently translates the needs of younger siblings and pets for me and is surprisingly perceptive
  • Noisy, crowded events agitate them and it takes a long time to bounce back after such disruptions
  • My child “catches” others’ emotions or moods and has a hard time releasing them
  • My child is prone to headaches and stomachaches related to other people’s problems
  • My child feels tension during traumatic world events, maybe even drawing pictures of them or spontaneously talking about them with no knowledge of the events
  • It is hard to keep a secret or surprise from them
  • My child has a tendency to just know things that they otherwise shouldn’t have any knowledge about
  • My child reports feeling different from their friends, family. They have a tendency to feel like they don’t belong

If your child experiences any of those listed above, you may have highly intuitive child. We are all intuitive and capable of empathy in our own way, but highly intuitive children possess these abilities more than most people and can be completely misunderstood.

Intuition involves the ability to pick up on subtle information that is not perceived directly through any of the five senses, but rather is detected through an invisible sixth sense. Empathy is the ability to tune in to how another person is feeling by registering those feelings through the body. Intuitive children can pick up and and sense energies that most of us are not able to.

Growing up as an intuitive/empathic child myself, I didn’t understand what these gifts were and had no understanding on how to manage them. I also felt that I had no one to talk with regarding my experiences. Family and friends don’t always understand what these gifts are and have a hard time relating to the child.

I’ve dedicated my life to giving these kids an opportunity to talk about what they are experiencing without any judgement. I coach them on what exactly these traits are and how to utilize them in life for their benefit as well as techniques to protect themselves from un-wanted energies.

We are building a community of like minded kids as a resource for these wonderful children in hopes of giving them a place to grow and appreciate their abilities.

Intuitive/Empathic Kid Coaching Packages

Discovery Session – free

The Discovery session is designed to allow the child to start to feel comfortable with Karl and discover if they are ready to start talking about the experiences they are having. It is a get to know each other session and a chance to see if it makes sense to start working together. The session typically last 20-30 minutes and can either be done in person or through Skype/phone. The expectations for the coaching relationship are also set in the discovery session.

Spot Coaching Package – $79

After a 20-30 minute discovery session, you may choose spot coaching sessions to concentrate and get support on the issues at hand.

  • One 60 minute one-on-one session by phone/Skype or in person
  • Personalized coaching notebook with goals and reminders
  • E-mail support
  • One 15 minute check-in phone call

Extended Commitment Package – $270

After a 20-30 minute discovery session, you may choose to invest in more than just one session. I’ve included a 4 session package with a discount.

This package includes:

  • Four 60 minute coaching session by phone/Skype or in person
  • Personalized coaching notebook with goals and reminders
  • E-mail support
  • Four 15 minute check-in phones between sessions

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