Intuitive Angel Readings


  1. Kathleen from So. Cal

    Ani is a gifted healer and angel reader. She identified my guardian angels and took the time to write down their messages and relay them to me. I’m grateful for help and highly recommend her!
    Xo Kathleen

  2. Chris

    My name is Chris and I’ve pretty much been on the angel quest my entire life. I’ve always felt some sense of closeness to the universe and the angels that surround me (on a level I wasn’t able to fully explain). I was experiencing an incredible amount of spiritual movement, so to speak, in 2015 and didn’t know what it all meant until someone very close to me suggested that I speak to Ani. Needless to say, once I initially spoke to her I was clearly in motion to unravel the questions I had about myself and my guardian angel. Ani suggested that I speak to my angels and open my heart and my mind to allow them to help me. I did that and eventually felt an enormous urge to have Ani ask “my” angel to reveal them self to her.

    Well, my angel did reveal “herself” to Ani!! In a very big way I might add and my life has been forever changed!!! Ani called me the morning after Ophelia revealed herself and the excitement in her voice resonated all over my spirit! I knew this was what I was searching for! An identity to who the Lord sent to watch over me! I reach out to my Arch Angels daily as well and Mother Mary and of course I love and pray and speak to Jesus every day thanking him for these blessings. The relationships in my life have not only improved but they are thriving!!! Knowledge is everything in life! Ani is a beautiful spirit and I am honored to know her and share my angel with her!! My life has been forever strengthened and enriched by Ophelia’s message to Ani and I am excited to see where the future takes me!! Light and LOVE and blessings!! Thank you Ani for your beautiful heart and magnificent spirit!!! Chis xoxo

  3. Joseph from Atlanta

    Thank you for an amazing angel reading!! I don’t know how you did it, but you were right on in all that you said was happening in my life. I will continue to have more readings so that I may be on the right path in my journey.

    We love you a lot!!!!!

  4. Summer from San Diego

    “Meeting Ani has been a true blessing in my life. As a mid-thirties woman who is constantly seeking answers and direction in my life, it wasn’t until I met Ani that I was able to have an understanding of the direction that my life was heading. Although I have always sought answers through prayer and biblical practices, as I have gotten older, I have grown more open in seeking answers that may not necessarily be “traditional”. With that being said, when my Aunt introduced me to Ani and her readings, I was blown away! Never before had I had someone who seemed to know me so well; someone who could call upon both my qualities, as well as my flaws. The wisdom and advice that she gave to me through speaking with my Angels, as well as reading my Angel cards, has honestly been beyond anything I would have imagined. I am so grateful to Ani for the “road map” that she has provided for me. She is a beautiful, divine soul, and I am so thankful that she has been blessed with the gift of helping others through her connection with our Angels.”

  5. Dacia from San Diego

    I have been asking for help regularly with healing my clients as well as asking for an abundance of clients to come to me. After my Angel Reading with Ani I’ve had at least 12 new patients in the last 10 days. That is more than I’ve ever received in such a short period of time ever from multiple referrals, and I’ve done nothing different. I’m in shock & so grateful! I want to thank Ani for educating me and raising my awareness. She has an amazing gift!

Intuitive Angel Readings

Are there areas of your life that don’t seem to be working? Do you long to find your life purpose, that perfect career or your soul mate? Are you blocking happiness and success without even knowing it? We live in a benevolent Universe full of light and love. The Angels are God’s gift to us so that we may live an abundant and joyful life. Is it time to turn your life around and live the happy, successful life you were born to live? Then it is time to talk to your Angels.

Ani has been surrounded by Angels all of her life. It wasn’t until she became a Master Reiki Practitioner that her ability to communicate with Angels became a driving force and her life purpose. Since then she has helped hundreds of people with angelic assistance change their lives for the better. She is currently working on a book about Angels that she hopes to soon share with the world.

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