Horse / Equine Reiki

Horse / Equine Reiki

Reiki is an ideal source of healing for horses. It is a very simple, gentle hands on technique requiring no bodily pressure or manipulation. Horses are intuitive animals and they respond beautifully to the healing touch of Reiki. The horse may feel the sensation of warmth or tingling in the area being worked on and will certainly feel more relaxed and at peace during and after the session.
Reiki compliments any healing modalities and medications. It not only increases the effectiveness of other types of treatments but it can be used on its own as a safe, natural and holistic method of healing. It is extremely effective following an accident or surgery speeding up the horse’s natural ability to heal.
Reiki is also an ideal treatment for horses that suffer from stress, fear, anxiety and depression. Ani has worked with many rescue and therapy horses. She has had hands on experience with her own Thoroughbred, Alexander, a former race horse she lovingly rescued.

Equine Reiki can assist with the following:

  • Injury
  • Surgery (pre and post op)
  • Emotional trauma; fear, aggression, stress, anxiety, or any emotional scars caused from poor handling and training or abuse

An Equine Reiki session consists of the following:

  • Energetic assessment of the stable, stall and environment
  • Energetic clearing of the stall
  • Reiki healing for the horse
  • Post treatment consultation

Karl and Ani offer one day Equine Reiki training courses. Learn how to give Reiki to your horse.
For more specific questions and pricing information, please e-mail us below.

*One complete Reiki session for each horse is $79.00