Quote Of The Week

“If a person in not in harmony in his/her own being, how can he/she experience harmony in the world?”

Ani has totally transformed my life with her Reiki technique and her amazing Angel insight. As an example, at times I would not understand why I was feeling “off” for no apparent reason and after our Reiki session I would feel amazing. An added bonus is Ani’s relationship and ability to communicate with Angels.
Sonia, Reiki Healing - Orange County
Karl has a very non-intrusive intuition. Being the humble person he is, he brings this grace into his energy work. I receive so much from the time he gives me and have since felt an inner peace that allows me to be clearer with my Intention’s. Much gratitude to have met such an amazing gifted person.
Joyce, Reiki Healing - San Diego
Thank you Karl and Ani for introducing me to Reiki. I’ve learned so much from you about the human potential to conduct energy. Making it a daily practice, I continue to feel better and better over time by tuning my vibrational energy. I’m extremely grateful to you both!
Leon, Reiki Training - Atlanta

Our Services PositiviChi Services List

  • Reiki Energy Healing/Chakra balancing
    What is Reiki? Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea...
  • Horse / Equine Reiki
    Horse / Equine Reiki Reiki is an ideal source of healing for horses. It is a very simple, gentle hands on technique requiring no bodily pressure or manipulation. Horses are...
  • Reiki for Wedding Parties
    Wedding Day Stress Relief Service It has been said that while getting married can be one of the most beautiful days in a person’s life, it can be one of...
  • Reiki Training Classes
    Reiki Training Classes For those interested in becoming a student of Reiki or even aspiring to join the growing list of Reiki Master worldwide, we offer the training classes listed...
  • Life and Wellness Coaching
    Life/Wellness Coaching Programs “If you don’t identify your vision, others will plan and direct your life for you” What is a Life/Wellness Coach? A Life/Wellness coach is a professional who...
  • Intuitive/Empathic Kid Coaching
    Intuitive/Empathic Kid Coaching Do you have a highly intuitive/empathic child? Read the following 10 traits and see if any of these apply to your child. My child has a way...
  • Home & Business Energy Clearings
    Home/Business Energy Clearing. What is it? Every space holds energy. Even though you can’t see it, you’ve probably sensed it… For example, you may have walked into a room that...
  • Intuitive Angel Readings
    Intuitive Angel Readings Are there areas of your life that don’t seem to be working? Do you long to find your life purpose, that perfect career or your soul mate?...

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